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Wireless Keylogger Plug
Wireless Keylogger Plug

The WIRELESS KEYLOGGER plug is designed to resemble a ps/2 adapter. Plug this unit into your keyboard port and the setup is complete. This is the most popular product we carry and its success is mainly due to the ease of use and it's flexibility to be transferred from one computer to another computer in just a few seconds.

  • Plug & Record Wireless Keylogger installs in seconds.
  • Will record every keystroke, independent of the systems access level.
  • Record on one PC & retrieve data on another PC / Laptop or Phone from a remote location.
  • No software needs to be installed on the target PC.
  • Operating system independent - works on any desktop computer.
  • Can't be detected or disabled by any anti-spyware or anti-virus programs.
  • Not effected by firewalls
  • Uses no system or network resources.
  • Will not interfere with any software application.
  • Will not be detected as a new device by the Operating system. (No popup message)
  • Stored data is password protected.




Wireless keylogger plugged in


  • Internal Memory:
    The WIRELESS KEYLOGGER has 4 MB storage. (It can store 4,000,000 keystrokes, which is approximately 2 years of data on an active computer).

  • Distance of Wireless Transmitting:
    Up to 300 feet (100 meters) the length of a football field.
    It is capable of transmitting through walls and other physical structures.

Advantages over other models of the WIRELESS KEYLOGGER:

  • Easy and quick setup. (just a few seconds)
  • Transferable to different computers and keyboards.

Disadvantages of this model against other models of the WIRELESS KEYLOGGER:

  • Is detectable to visual inspection.



wireless logs transmited to phone and laptop

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